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Anodized Aluminium - 16 SWG - 14 AWG - .0625" - 1.6 mm - 1/4 ID

Anodized Aluminium - 16 SWG - 14 AWG - .0625" - 1.6 mm - 1/4 ID

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Our 16g, 1/4 inch, Anodized aluminium jump rings are hand washed, dried and tumbled to remove residues, ultimately giving you the best finish possible.

*variation of color may occur, this is just part of the anodizing process. We attempt to limit this color variation as best as possible. If you require rings of the same color buy all you need in a single purchase so they are of the same batch.


Examples of use:
Alligator Back, Euro 4:1, Spiral 4:1, Trees and Sweetpea

 *3 oz minimum order.  Allow 2 weeks for shipping.

These rings currently measure with the following attributes, and some variation may occur, this is not a defect or reason for return.

AR: 4.20
OD (IN): .386"
OD (MM): 9.80
ID (IN): .261"
ID (MM): 6.63
Rings Per Oz: 212

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