Iris - Jens Pind Linkage Drop Earrings

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Gorgeous Iris iridescent JPL3 drop earring comes in two colors Blue or Purple! Handcrafted with anodized aluminum using the JPL3 weave.  The earrings are 10mm wide or 6/16" and are a 45mm or 1.3/4" drop they come complete with handmade stainless steel earwires with silicone security stoppers. (don’t lose these as they are for wearing with the earring to stop the earwires being pulled out accidentally).   Each earring weighs 1.25 grams. very light and comfortable to wear.


 * Purple Iris iridescent JPL3 drop earrings in bright aluminum,

* Comes gift bagged and has full care instructions included.


 * Stainless steel handcrafted earwires with silicone security stoppers

* Light weight and comfortable to wear

* Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, water-safe and rust/tarnish resistant

IMPORTANT INFO:  Ships in 1-3 business days

Colors may look different dependent on individual viewing screens and settings and all measurements are approximate.