Jens Pind Linkage 3 Necklace - Bright Aluminium

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This Jens Pind Linkage 3 (JPL 3) chainmaille necklace in Bright Aluminum is a great gift for men and women alike it can be worn as a necklace or wound twice around the wrist for a bracelet.   The necklace is handcrafted with Bright Aluminum hand cut jump-rings and woven one ring at a time.   It is light weight but strong, the necklace weighs 21 grams and is comfortable to wear.

This necklace is 18" or 45.7 Cm long  and  is 3/16th" or 7mm in width.


 * Bright Aluminum JPL3 chainmaille necklace with stainless lobster claw clasp

* Comes gift bagged and has full care instructions included


* Jens Pind Linkage 3 chainmaille Necklace  hand coiled and crafted one ring at a time with Bright Aluminum jump rings

* Stainless Steel lobster claw clasp

* Light weight and comfortable to wear


IMPORTANT INFO  Ships within 2-3 business days