Bright Aluminium - 18 SWG - 16 AWG - .048" - 1.2 mm - 1/4 ID

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5356 Bright aluminum is light, inexpensive and malleable. This type of aluminum resists oxide and should not give you that light grey\black rub off that other rings can give you.

Our 18g, 1/4 inch, bright aluminum jump rings are hand washed, dried and tumbled to remove residues, ultimately giving you the best finish possible.

Examples of use:
Allure, Captive Round, Elfweave Braid, Euro 4:1, Box Chain, European 4 in 1, European 6 in 1, Dwarf Mail, King's Mail,  Byzantine, Full Persian 6 in 1.

 *3 oz minimum order.  Allow 2 weeks for shipping.

These rings currently measure with the following attributes, and some variation may occur, this is not a defect or reason for return.

AR: 4.2
OD (IN): .360"
OD (MM): 9.13
ID (IN): .266"
ID (MM): 6.75
Rings Per Oz: 382