Year In Review

Posted by Wally LaCroix on

December is upon us and as 2021 comes to a close I reflect on how Chain Reaction Canada has come so far in just a year.

Starting in mid 2020 the family came together and sat down at the dining room table and talked about what we wanted in a company.  As we talked, it was clear that we wanted more then to just provide a product. It went deeper for us.

What was the real gap that needed to be filled?  

  • To engage with customers
  • Create consistent Quality and Value
  • Be a company focused on the success of everyone we encounter:
      Both In and Outside of the company.

What we have accomplished in the past year?

  • Received amazing pictures and shared what our customers were creating
  • Inspired new projects and engaged with people to find their creative spark. 
  • Went from 6 sizes of Bright Aluminum at our launch to 20 sizes and are currently branching out into colors of anodized rings. 
  • Use local businesses and are proud to say "Made In Canada"
  • Shared our knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs and learned SO MUCH more in the process.  We care what happens in our industry and are honored with the relationships developed around the world.
  • Gained valuable relationships and partnerships with amazing individuals across the country like Laurie at Laurie's Crafty Creations and overseas with Karen at Sanctuary Studios. We can't forget the weave alongs we enjoy with Shawn at Maillewerx!
  • Learned new skills and had some hard lessons but ultimately we continue to grow and encourage each other to be the best version we can be.

We truly appreciate the feedback we have received and connections we have made.  Everyone at Chain Reaction Canada are very grateful for this past year and are looking forward to the amazing plans for 2022.

Written By: 
Christa Chapman

Customer Relations